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3  Ellsworth Road Resurfaced

A 1-mile long asphalt resurfacing project on Ellsworth Road between South Hewitt Road and Golfside Drive in
Ypsilanti Township began in October 2014 and it will be completed in the spring.

4  Acronyms Of Infrastructure Funding: Munis, P3s, QPIBs, And PABs  

Municipal bonds (munis) are issued by states, local governments and other tax-exempt entities to raise funds for
schools, roads, utilities, public buildings, infrastructure and other related investments. These financial instruments
have been the bedrock for infrastructure in the United States for a long time. The federal government is proposing
actions that will only confuse and possibly harm their use and create investor uncertainty.

5  Carpenter Road Receives Major Upgrade

An approximately one-third mile, $2.7 million reconstruction of Carpenter Road between Washtenaw Avenue and
Packard Road in Pittsfield Township began in June 2014 and road construction was completed in October 2014.
Final completion will be in May.

6  Pontiac Trail Reconstructed

A three-quarter-mile section of Pontiac Trail from Skydale Drive to M-14/U.S. 23 is being reconstructed with asphalt.
The $2.6 million project began in July 2014 and it will be completed in May.

7  News

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