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3  Editorial: Officials Need To Be Held Accountable

An unbelievable catastrophe. I think that is the best way to describe what has happened with respect to the Flint
water crisis. One of the most basic services government is responsible for providing to the public is safe, clean
water and it failed miserably with catastrophic consequences in Flint.

4  Contractor Meets Challenges In Detroit

Residential demolition in the city of Detroit has been challenging, but it has been a challenge that demolition
contractor Homrich, of Carleton, has been able to meet. The company has been demolishing homes in Detroit
since 1964.

5  2016 Construction Industry Outlook: Michigan Construction Expected To Be Strong in 2016

In order to divine a realistic picture of what Michigan’s construction industry economy will look like in 2016, we
have to look at some information put forth by leading construction researchers at the national level.

7 State Representative Kurt Heise Addresses Flint Water Crisis

State Representative Kurt Heise was the featured speaker at a recent American Society of Civil Engineers
Michigan Branch Legislative Committee luncheon. He spoke about what his concerns were with switching the Flint
water supply off of the Detroit water system.

8  From The Michigan Trenches...

9  Emerging and Under-Utilized Road Patching Methods Reviewed

A recent webinar presented by NTH Consultants, Ltd., of Northville concerned emerging and under-utilized utility
cut pavement repair methods.

11  Inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial A Tremendous Success

The Chicago Architecture Biennial, the largest international survey of contemporary architecture in North America,
concluded on January 3, after an energetic three-month run. The roster of participants featured over 100
architects and artists representing more than 30 countries.

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