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3   Zilwaukee Bridge Upgrade Completed

5   Michigan Construction Outlook Steady With Some Surging Sectors
Reconstruction of an approximately 4 ½-mile section of Interstate 75 in Saginaw County has been a multi-year
project and is expected to be completed in April.
Michigan’s 2015 construction economic outlook is in the ascendancy. Moderate to significant growth will be
made in all, across-the-board sectors.
6  Long Lake Road Overlaid

An approximately $1.8 million, 8-mile-long section of Long Lake Road between Orchard Lake Road and Adams
Road in West Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Hills has been milled and overlaid with
7  Green Lake Road Resurfaced

An approximately 1 mile mill and asphalt overlay of Green Lake Road between Pontiac Trail and Fieldview in
West Bloomfield Township began in October 2014 and it was completed in November 2014.
8  South Prospect Street Upgraded

An approximately one-quarter-mile, $330,000 asphalt overlay of South Prospect Street between East Michigan
Avenue and South Grove Street in Ypsilanti began in October 2014 and it was completed in November 2014.
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